Our sponsoring concept is very specific to tennis clubs. We are in response for a tennis club and we love tennis.

Our sponsoring concept is created in PowerPoint slides and can easily be adapted to your club. Just exchange text and pictures, done.

Also and especially for tennis clubs, more and more regulations need to be followed. So even better if you can download our sample for a professional sponsorship contract.

Convince your sponsors with our free sponsoring kit

In order to save time and focus on important tasks in your club, we provide you with a sample sponsoring concept and sponsoring contract.

Sponsoring concept for your AdBroomLine

Here you will find a presentation with which you can convince your sponsor. The presentation is available as PDF or PowerPoint. Just insert your tennis club pictures and texts, done.

Sponsoring contract for your AdBroomLine

Here you can find a professional sample sponsorship contract. It is available as PDF and Word document for editing. Just insert your tennis club data, done.

This sponsorship contract is only a sample and does not constitute legal advice. We assume no liability for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the content.