Über MoveYourClub

About the founders of MOVEYOURCLUB

We, Matthias and Matthias, are two passionate tennis players and for several years have been members of the board of directors of the largest tennis club in Memmingen, Allgäu.

As in every club, we are constantly confronted with the challenges of being a tennis club. How to generate enough new members, how to motivate members to volunteer, how to develop enough offers for existing members and many more.

And above all, how can you generate enough financial means as a tennis club to keep the club and its services going in the future?

That’s why we have made it our mission to develop offers and ideas so that tennis clubs worldwide can generate even more financial means from advertising and sponsoring.

We immediately put our first idea into action.

Every sponsor wants a “touch-point” to which the full attention is directed and where the sponsor is anchored in the memory of the members.

We thought, there is hardly a better place than the line broom. From functional utility item to efficient advertising medium for sponsors.

So why buy the tennis broom yourself and not earn money with it?

Have fun designing your very own personal line broom. Should you have any further questions, please contact us at info@moveyourclub.com.

Game, Set & Match

Matthias Klein & Matthias Machunze